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Hole saws are a cutting tool used to create large-diameter holes in base material. Most are constructed of a circular blade made of various materials and an arbor with a shank that fits into the drill chuck. The Morse line of hole saws do not include arbors, be sure to add one from the accessories line available. Many industries utilize hole saws including those that do woodworking and metalworking in both commercial and residential arenas. The versatility of material used to construct a hole saw allows a user to cut through wood, metal, plastics, ceramic tile, and stone.

Category Files

Bi-Metal Carbide Tipped Carbide Grit
Wood Wood Acoustical Tile
Plastic Plastic Composites Brick
Machinable Metals Aluminum Cast Iron
Stainless Steel Alloys Carbon Steel Cement Board
Nail-Embedded Wood Fastener-Embedded Wood Ceramics
  Stainless Steel Cinderblock
  Tile Backer Composites
  Fiberglass Fiberglass
  Drywall Hardened Steel
  Plaster Particleboard

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