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Fasteners Etc., Inc. is a full-service fastener distributor and industrial supply house serving you since 1995. While we may be supplying fasteners and other industrial products, ultimately, we are delivering solutions to help support exactly what you need for your business to run successfully.
We know and understand what it takes to stay ahead of the many challenges you face in today's environment. If your company requires bi-weekly stock fulfillment support to keep your crew running or a recurring monthly shipment as part of a stock and release program, our Business Solutions offering is sure to be of value.
Our comprehensive fastener selection and corresponding Business Solutions are designed to suit all industries, so no matter your trade, you can find exactly what you need in one place. We have the right tools and resources to meet all your requirements. Let Fasteners Etc., Inc. be your source for all your industrial supply needs.

Illinois’s Custom Fastener Distributor & Provider

If you’re looking for a dependable custom fastener supplier near you, Fasteners Etc., Inc. is your answer! We offer a diverse assortment custom and standard services to meet all your needs. With primary stores in Urbana, IL, and Bloomington, IL, we are strategically located to serve the state of Illinois and surrounding areas with speed. We are dedicated to providing Illinois with superior services and products. Visit one of our local stores for in-person assistance in determining the best fasteners for your project, or request a quote online today. Let Fasteners Etc., Inc. be your trusted fastener supplier for all your hardware needs!
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