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Browse our wide selection of Drillco drills, proudly made in the USA! We offer a selection for general purpose needs as well as those for your toughest jobs! If you have any questions about selecting the best drill for your application, give us a call today!

Aircraft Extension Bits
Aircraft Extension Bits are manufactured with 135 degree split points with jobber flute lengths. These bits are heavy duty manufactured, available to drill in high tensile strength alloy steels.
Cobalt Bits
The cobalt bits are designed to penetrate high tensile strength alloy steel and stainless steel; manufactured with 135 degree split points and bronze coating.
Countersink HSS Drill Bits
The single flute countersinks are an excellent choice to create the small holes required for screws or rivets.
60Degree          Centering
82Degree          Countersinking Flat Head Screws
90Degree          Chamfering and Deburring

Jobber Drill Bits
Select general purpose bits manufactured with high-speed steel or the heavy-duty bits manufactured with premium grade materials. The heavy-duty Nitro line offers an increased hardness rating increased by the Nitride surface treatment.

Machine Length Drill Bits
The Machine Length Drill Bits are excellent for use in machines and portable drilling; they’re manufactured with 135 degree split points and straight shanks. They can be used in a wide variety of applications offering a heavy duty construction and nitride surface treatment (300N Series) for your most heavy duty needs.

S&D Bits
If drilling stainless steel or other hard metal, consider the NITRO S&D Drill. The 118° split point reduces thrust while offering the hard protective layer due to the Nitride surface treatment.
Step Bits
Some applications need a flexible, versatile tool that fits the unique requirements at hand such as a step drill offering up to 10 different steps per drill. 

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