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Anchoring and fastening systems are used in numerous applications for commercial, industrial, and residential projects. Fasteners Etc., Inc. is a full-service distributor and supply house, ready to take care of all your anchoring needs! As a proud Simpson Strong-Tie® Distributor, we can provide you with the highest quality product for all your project requirements.
Simpson Strong-Tie® is recognized as a leader with vast offerings of engineered structural connectors for wood-frame structures, fasteners for countless applications, and of course, innovative anchoring solutions. If the part you need isn’t in our inventory, we will drop ship it to you directly from our supplier. 

Let us help you find the right industrial Simpson Strong-Tie® anchors for your project needs. Contact us today to get started!


Industrial Anchor Bolts from Fasteners Etc., Inc.


Wedge Anchors

Fasteners Etc., Inc. offers Simpson wedge anchors, including both Wedge-All® and Strong-Bolt® 2 wedge anchors. These wedge anchors are used for concrete and masonry projects in vertical and horizontal applications.

Drop-In Anchors

Drop-in anchors feature internal threading to allow for flush installations into hollow material for attaching threaded rod. Fasteners Etc., Inc. offers Simpson drop-in anchors in the Strong-Tie DIAB series.

Nailon Pin Drive Anchors

The Simpson Strong-Tie Zinc Nailon™ pin drive anchors feature an excellent tamper-resistant build and are used for concrete, brick, and stone applications. These anchors are typically utilized for applications under static loads. 

Concrete Screws, Titen Heavy Duty (HD)

The Titen HD® concrete anchor screws are commonly used in concrete and masonry projects. They offer high-strength holds in tough environments while allowing for future adjustments.

Concrete Screws, Titen Turbo

Fasteners Etc., Inc. offers the Simpson Strong-Tie line of Titen Turbo™ concrete anchor screws, which feature tough serrated edges for cutting into concrete or masonry. Enhanced technology helps reduce the likelihood of bending, snapping, or stripping.

Sleeve Anchors

Sleeve-All® anchors offer an expanding sleeve to increase capacity in shear connections and are used in a variety of solid base materials. Their expansion capabilities allow for tightly sealed connections and secure holds.

Suspended Anchoring 

Fasteners Etc., Inc. offers various suspended anchoring fasteners to support both vertical and horizontal applications. The Simpsons steel rod hangers are an excellant fastening system to support projects ranging from installation of electrical conduit to fire protection.

Adhesives & Accessories

Fasteners Etc., Inc. offers a variety of adhesives and accessories for various industrial concrete and masonry applications, including for marine, high-stress, dry, or saturated projects.

Masonry Bits

Carbide-tipped masonry bits from the Simpson Strong-Tie™ series are ideal for heavy-duty concrete and masonry applications. They are manufactured from the highest-grade material available and featured enhanced durbillity and drilling speeds.

Toggle Bolts & Wings

Toggle bolts and wings feature a machine screw and a spring wing toggle nut. Also known as butterfly or drywall anchors, they are used for applications requiring fastening to a hollow wall or into drywall.

Illinois’s Premier Industrial Anchor Distributor & Provider

If you’re looking for a dependable anchor supplier near you, Fasteners Etc., Inc. is your answer! We offer a diverse assortment of anchors to meet all your needs. With primary stores in Urbana, IL, and Bloomington, IL, we are strategically located to serve the state of Illinois and surrounding areas with speed. We are dedicated to providing Illinois with superior services and products. Visit one of our local stores for in-person assistance in determining the best anchors for your project, or request a quote online today. Let Fasteners Etc., Inc. be your trusted fastener supplier for all your project needs!

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