L9 Fasteners

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If your project requires a stronger option than grade 8, consider Fasteners Etc., Inc. offering of grade 9 Domestic, USA Made, L9 Fasteners. We offer L9 hex cap screws, L9 hex nuts, L9 collar locknuts, and both SAE/USS L9 flat washers. All L9 fasteners are considered a grade 9 steel offered in zinc yellow plated for increased corrosion resistance for any wet/harsh environments. If your project requires a diameter or length that you do not see, contact us today for a quote!
  •  USA, L9 hex cap screw
  •  USA, L9 hex nut
  •  USA, L9 collar locknut
  •  USA, L9 SAE tension flat washer
  •  USA, L9 USS tension flat washer
  •  L9, Grade9, Hex Cap Screws = Tensile Strength up to 180,000psi

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