L9 Fasteners

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If your project requires a stronger option than grade 8, consider Fasteners Etc., Inc. offering of grade 9 Domestic, USA Made, L9 Fasteners. We offer L9 hex cap screws, L9 hex nuts, L9 collar locknuts, and both SAE/USS L9 flat washers. All L9 fasteners are considered a grade 9 steel offered in zinc yellow plated for increased corrosion resistance for any wet/harsh environments. If your project requires a diameter or length that you do not see, contact us today for a quote!
  •  USA, L9 hex cap screw
  •  USA, L9 hex nut
  •  USA, L9 collar locknut
  •  USA, L9 SAE tension flat washer
  •  USA, L9 USS tension flat washer
  •  L9, Grade9, Hex Cap Screws = Tensile Strength up to 180,000psi

Trusted L9 Fastener Supplier for Illinois & Surrounding Areas

Looking for a reliable L9 fastener supplier near you? Look no further than Fasteners Etc., Inc.! Our extensive selection of fasteners and hardware sets us apart from the competition. With primary locations in Urbana, IL, and Bloomington, IL, we are directly positioned to serve the state of Illinois and nearby states. We proudly provide superior services and fasteners for all clients and projects. Visit one of our local stores today or place an order to find the right L9 fasteners for you. We are your trusted provider for all your fastener needs!
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