Choosing the right fastener for your project is essential for promoting both success and safety. With so many styles of fasteners available on the market today, finding the best solution can be overwhelming. Fasteners Etc. Inc. understands the importance of determining the right fastener for your project. We stock a complete inventory of fasteners across all industries so you can find precisely what you need.
Construction fasteners are preferred for numerous applications in the building and construction industries. Read below for more information about construction fasteners, when to use them, and how to determine the best style for your specific needs.

What Are Construction Fasteners?

Construction fasteners are designed for specific use in building applications. These fasteners are reinforced to support heavy-duty projects and provide stability and durability. This extra strength is critical for construction components to ensure safety and security in completed projects.

Types of Construction Fasteners

There are many subcategories and options under the term “construction fasteners.” These fasteners fulfill various fastening needs and are integral to construction project success.


Construction nails are a cost-effective solution for fastening materials. They feature unthreaded shafts and can be inserted quickly by hand or with a nail gun. These nails are used primarily for wood materials. While they don’t have the most substantial holding power, nails are ideal for finishing projects or connecting simple applications. Box nails, framing nails, and brad nails are construction nails commonly used for building projects.

Constructions Screws

Construction screws are some of the most well-known fasteners on the market. They feature a slim, threaded body and a sharp point to aid installation. These screws are used for securing wood, metal, and drywall and offer excellent holding power and strength. Styles of construction screws include deck screws and wood screws for specific construction applications.

Bolts & Nuts

Construction bolts possess a threaded body but lack a sharp point and must be secured with corresponding construction nuts. They are often used for heavy-duty applications, offering increased load-bearing properties and higher tensile strength. Bolts and nuts provide an adjustable connection, as nuts can be removed to allow for modifications. Common bolt styles include plow bolts, hex-head bolts, carriage bolts, and more.


Construction anchors are specially designed for fastening into concrete and masonry. These fasteners feature threading for reinforced grip. They are extremely strong and designed to withstand harsh environments while maintaining a secure connection in concrete projects. Screw, sleeve, and wedge anchors are popular fasteners for concrete, brick, or masonry construction applications.


Construction rivets form permanent connections in numerous materials. They are inserted into pre-drilled holes and compressed to create a lasting, secure hold. Rivets are desirable when only one side of the material is accessible and where traditional fasteners such as nuts and bolts are limited. From blind rivets to split rivets, these fasteners offer permanent solutions to a variety of construction projects.

Construction Fastener Selection Guide

When choosing the best fastener style for your project, there are many factors to consider. A complete understanding of your project and project goals is necessary to make the best selection for success. Elements of consideration include:
  • Type of material being fastened
  • Environmental conditions
  • Weight of the material
  • Load-bearing requirements
  • Specific application
  • Ease of accessibility
Once you’ve chosen a fastener style, determine the correct material. Construction fasteners are available in materials ranging from stainless steel to aluminum, brass, silicon bronze, and more. Each material features various qualities that can impact the fasteners’ functionality, including corrosion and wear resistance, temperature tolerance, durability, and flexibility. Choose a fastener with the correct composition and finish for your application to increase success rates and support safe operations.

Installation Tips

When it comes to project success and longevity, proper installation is key. Fasteners installed incorrectly may lead to failure or improper functionality, which can endanger the project and those involved. As such, following installation instructions correctly is critical to ensure peak performance. Taking additional safety precautions, such as utilizing safety gear or providing training, can also help establish safe practices, increasing overall safety and project success.

Maintenance & Inspection

Now that you’ve successfully installed your construction fasteners, it’s time to ensure they remain functioning at a high performance level to ensure safety and security. Performing routine maintenance checks will help maintain constant awareness, allowing for quick notice of anything amiss. Periodic thorough inspections can protect fasteners from wear, corrosion, or damage. If fasteners are damaged or malfunctioning, replace them immediately to ensure the stability and safety of the project. Consistent, regular surveillance of your construction fasteners and applications is the best way to ensure ongoing project success.

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