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Fasteners Etc., Inc. offers an extensive line of standard AND metric socket screws. The category of socket screws encompasses a variety of screws with many different head styles or no head at all, but each one shares a hexagon-shaped drive. The hexagon shape on these screws require a hex key or Allen key for installation. Many applications will require a socket screw for its high tensile strength and/or the ability to be installed with limited space. These benefits make socket screws an excellent choice for machinery or manufacturing applications.
Socket cap screws are not designated by classes as other bolts are; however, metric socket screws are offered in classes 8.8, 10.9, and 12.9. A regular steel socket head cap screw, for example, offers a tensile strength of up to 200,000psi. A hex cap screw, grade 8, offers a tensile strength of up to 150,000psi. You can quickly see why many projects prefer the strength of socket screws.
If you have a custom project with specific requirements, please ask for a custom quote today. We can absolutely provide custom socket screws with any finish you might require!