Flat Socket Cap Screws

  • 211.FSCS.PLN
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A flat socket cap screw features a flat head, countersunk, that will install flush with the base material. When measuring for your desired length, be sure to measure from the base on the screw to the very top of the screw to not compromise the strength of the connection. Many projects will utilize a flat socket screw for the clean, flush look they provide in areas with moving parts that can’t risk catching. They are also an excellent choice in applications where space is limited, as installation is quickly accomplished with a hex key. Fasteners Etc. Inc. offers flat head socket screws in a variety of material and finishes for both standard and metric screws. Please use the filters available on the far left to find exactly what you’re looking for. If you have trouble locating it, please reach out. If the item is non-standard, we will be happy to provide you a custom quote.
  • Standard Sizing: thermal black oxide, zinc, mechanical zinc, stainless steel 18-8 and 316
  • Metric Class 10.9 & Class 12.9
  • Nylon patch and pellet options available!
  • Tamper Resistant standard flat head socket cap screws, thermal black oxide and stainless steel