Slotted Hex Nuts

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A slotted hex nut has six sides and a hollow center with internal threading allowing it to fit over an externally threaded shaft; very similar dimensions as standard finished hex nuts. The primary difference that you will immediately see when comparing the two, is that a slotted hex nut has large slots on the top of the nut. Slotted hex nuts are commonly used with an externally threaded fastener that has a hole drilled through it at a specific point. The slotted hex nut will thread over the bolt, and a cotter pin will be inserted through the hole to secure the nut to the bolt. The cotter pin will fit comfortably between the slots of the nut to ensure the connection is secure. 
Fasteners Etc., Inc. can assist you with slotted hex nuts in plain or zinc plated finishes as well as custom machine shop services for drilling holes in any bolt/screw/pin that you might need. Please contact us today for a custom quote on your full project.

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