Socket Set Screws

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Standard screws are composed of a head and threaded shaft while in comparison, set screws do NOT have a head but only a fully threaded shaft. A set screw is fully installed into a pre-drilled hole until it is flush or just below the installation surface, tightening material by pressure from the tip of the set screw. Most socket products, including set screws, have a hexagon shaped drive for installation. Fasteners Etc., Inc. offers a variety of point styles for all your project needs, utilize the filter options to select the point style required. If you need assistance with the best selection, contact us and one of our knowledgable sales team members will be happy to assist.

  • Cup Point: the cup shaped end digs into the surface for permanent and semi-permanent connections 

  • Cone Point: often the preferred choice for a permanent application that requires the strongest holding power as the cone shape acts like a wedge against the far side of the material

  • Oval Point: installation causes very little damage to allow adjustments without loosening the screw; best suited for installation into a U or V shaped groove 

  • Dog Point: offer a flat end tip in full or half length, intended to offer a permanent connection

  • Flat Point: often the preferred choice for temporary applications that require setting and resetting with minimal surface damange 

  • Slotted: installation can be accomplished with a flat screwdriver instead of a hexagon shaped tool as the other set screw options

  • Knurl Cup: serrated ridges (knurls) on the cup shaped end allow the screw to lock in place for a permanent connection; reduces loosening caused by environmental factors such as vibrations

  • Brass Tip: the tip will be inserted and aligned with a hole/slot in the material, creating a permanent connection that offers a higher level of corrosion resistance if the far side of the connection is in a wet environment

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