Hex Jam Nuts

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A hex jam nut has six sides and a hollow center with internal threading allowing it to fit over an externally threaded shaft, much like a finished hex nut. A hex jam nut offers a thinner body than a finished hex nut but matches it in other dimensions.  A hex jam nut is often used with another nut, such as a locking nut, for many applications to ensure the connection is secure without any extra space.
Fasteners Etc., Inc. offers standard hex jam nuts, heavy hex jam nuts, and metric jam nuts to satisfy all your project needs. Please use the filter options to select the exact requirements needed.
  •  A563, Grade A finished jam nuts- plain, zinc, yellow zinc, and hot dipped galvanized
  •  A563, Grade A heavy hex jam nuts- plain and zinc
  •  Metric Class 4 hex jam nut, DIN939B- plain and zinc

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