Self Drilling/Tek Screws

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Self-drilling screws, or Tek® screws, are a staple in the construction industry for many applications that require connections with metal. The self-drilling screw is known for the pointed tip that eliminates the needs pre-drill; and therefore, increases efficiency on the jobsite or for your DIY project.
Fasteners Etc., Inc. offers an expansive line of self-drilling screws with countless options for head style/drive, in diameters ranging from #6 to ¼”. please be sure to use the filter options to locate the exact features most important to you. If your project requires stainless steel self-drilling screws or if you appreciate the Preferred line of self-drilling screws, we can get you taken care of as well. If you need help or guidance, please contact us today!
  • Head Styles Available- bugle, flat, high hex washer head serrated/non-serrated, indented hex washer head serrated/non-serrated, indented hex washer head slotted/unslotted, k-lath, oval, pan framing, pan head, Philips modified truss, trim head, and wafer head.
  • Types- #1, #2, #3, and #4 point in light, medium, and heavy duty.
  • Material/Finishes Available - gray phosphate, zinc plated, black phosphate, and climaseal coated.

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