Socket Shoulder Cap Screws

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Socket shoulder cap screws are often called shoulder bolts or screws. A socket shoulder screw offers a lower profile head, hexagon-drive, smooth shoulder just under the head, and threaded shaft just under the shoulder. The smooth shoulder of this bolt allows for rotation of the part attached- such as a pully or gear.
Fasteners Etc. Inc. offers standard socket shoulder cap screws in steel with thermal black oxide coating and optional nylon patch or nylon pellet if required. We can also offer standard and metric socket shoulder cap screws in stainless steel 18-8/A2. Lastly, metric socket shoulder cap screws class 12.9 are available in thermal black oxide as well. Please use the filters available on the far left to find exactly what you’re looking for. If you have trouble locating it, please reach out. If the item is non-standard, we will be happy to provide you a custom quote.

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