All Metal Locknuts

  • 825.LOCK.Z
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If you require locknuts, also referred to as self-locking nuts, let Fasteners Etc. Inc. be your source!  A project that is subject to vibrations would benefit from use of a locknut instead of standard hex nuts for example. Locknuts are known for their unique design allowing the nut to maintain position despite vibrations or other environmental factors that are known to cause loosening with regular hex nuts.  If you require stainless steel for increased corrosion resistance, please see our full offering of stainless locknuts as well.
  •  Flange hex locknut
  •  External tooth keps hex locknut
  •  Cone locknut, Grade C
  •  Reversable locknut, Grade A
  •  Flexlock locknut
  •  Metric locknuts too!

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