Self Tapping Screws

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Self-tapping screws are often called sheet metal screws as they are most heavily utilized in the sheet metal trade. This style of screw requires a pre-drilled hole, as they do NOT self-drill. Rather, the form mating threads allow for the screw to connect material securely.
Fasteners Etc., Inc. offers Type A, B, and AB self-tapping screws that are zinc plated with a wide variety of head/drive styles. If your project requires 18-8 or 316 stainless steel self-tapping screws, please browse our offering of those as well. We also offer a selection of thread cutting screws in Type F, Type 23, and Type 25. Please use the filters on the far left of the screen to locate the exact item required. If you can’t locate your need, please reach out and we’ll be glad to help!
  • Self-Tapping Screws- Type A, Type B, and Type AB
  • Self-Tapping Screws Head Styles- flat head, indented hex washer head, oval head, pan head, round head, truss head, undercut flat head, and undercut oval head.
  • Thead Cutting Screws- Type F, Type 23, and Type 25
  • Thread Cutting Screws Head Styles- flat head/6 lobe, flat head, indented hex washer head, oval head, pan head, and undercut flat head