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Industrial bolts are fasteners used in numerous projects across virtually all industries. These industrial fasteners commonly feature threaded bodies and work with corresponding industrial nuts to provide secure connections in various materials, including wood, metal, polymers, sheet metal, and steel. This ensures the structural integrity and stability of diverse industrial applications.

Fasteners Etc., Inc. will help you determine the best bolt style for your projects. Offered in a variety of sizes, strengths, and finishes, all of our bolts are sourced from the top manufacturers bound by strict quality standards. Contact us today, our team will happily assist you.

Types of Industrial Bolts

There are many styles of industrial bolts. Each bolt has unique characteristics designed to serve numerous purposes for various industrial applications. Fasteners Etc., Inc. proudly provides a vast assortment of industrial bolts, including:
  • Anchor Bolts: Also known as anchor studs, commonly used for structural anchoring in concrete.
  • Carriage Bolts: Feature a square neck under a rounded head to provide a clean, secure finish.
  • Elevator Bolts: Offer smooth finishes with a square neck under a large, flat head.
  • Eye Bolts: Useful for fastening and securing rope or cables to stable structures.
  • Flange Screws: Feature a flange below the hex head for increased load-bearing properties.
  • Hanger Bolts: Also known as fully threaded studs; are installed into pre-drilled holes.
  • Hex Bolts: Standard industrial bolts with hex heads used for general-purpose applications.
  • Plow Bolts: Desired for reinforced strength and wear resistance for industrial projects.
  • Square Head Bolts: Feature square heads and are commonly used for railways or decorative finishes.
  • Step Bolts: Offer clean, finished looks and resistance to twisting in wood applications.
  • Stove Bolts: Also known as machine screws, they feature flat heads and are used to fasten sheet metal.
  • Structural Bolts: Known for strength and used for high-intensity structural applications.
  • Tap Bolts: Offer load-bearing properties and feature fully threaded shafts for secure installations.
  • Timber Bolts: Feature mushroom-shaped heads for increased grip and offer excellent corrosion resistance.
  • Toggle Bolts: Used for vertical applications and features an eyebolt and winged toggle nut components.

Industrial Bolt Materials

At Fasteners Etc., Inc., we supply bolts in a wide variety of finishes to ensure your bolts are the best solution for your project. With multiple benefits, including corrosion resistance and high-temperature tolerance, bolts are available in finishes including:
  • Plain, Carbon Steel
  • Zinc
  • Zinc Yellow
  • Stainless Steel
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Choosing the Right Industrial Bolts

Determining the right size, length, and thread pitch or grade necessary for your application is vital for project success. The correct bolt ensures peak performance, resilience, stability, and durability. Industrial bolts are crucial in securing equipment, platforms, floors, machinery, and other critical components in various industrial operations.
Consider the size of your insertion hole, the fastened material, and your application's environment. These factors help determine the proper bolt size, head shape, finish, and grade.
Various bolt grades available from Fasteners Etc., Inc. include:
  • Grade A307
  • Grade 2
  • Grade 5
  • Grade 8
  • Metric, Class 8.8
  • Metric, Class 10.9
The experts at Fasteners Etc., Inc. are prepared to assist you in finding the best solution for your project.

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