Grade 8 & 10.9 Hex Cap Screws

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Fasteners Etc., Inc. offers an extensive line of grade 8 hex cap screws in a medium strength steel with a higher tensile than the grade 5 hex cap screws. A grade 8 hex cap screw can be identified as having six lines on the head; sometimes the bolt might also include a manufacture imprint too. Fasteners Etc., Inc. offers grade 8 hex cap screws as plain and zinc yellow plated, including a line of Domestic hex cap screws too. Don’t forget your hex nuts and flat washers!
Fasteners Etc., Inc. offers the metric equivalent, class 10.9 hex cap screw constructed of medium strength steel with a higher tensile strength than class 8.8 hex cap screws. We carry an extensive line of class 10.9 hex cap screws class with plain, zinc, and yellow zinc finishes available. Be sure to note if you require full thread, DIN 933, or partial thread, DIN 931, as many sizes are offered with both thread lengths. We can also source ISO standard if required.
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  • Hex Cap Screws, Grade 8= Tensile Strength up to 150,000psi
  •  Hex Cap Screws, Class 10.9= Tensile Strength up to 150,000psi

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