Socket Head Cap Screws

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A socket head cap screw features a raised cylindrical head, height that matches the screw’s thread diameter. The cylindrical head is often knurled and installation is completed with a hexagon drive tool, such as a hex key. Many projects will utilize a socket head cap screw for its strength as a standard steel screw can offer a tensile strength of up to 200,000psi. Socket head cap screws are most common with a thermal black oxide coating but are also readily available with a zinc plating to offer the same strength with corrosion resistance.
Fasteners Etc., Inc. is pleased to offer a full line of socket head cap screws in standard sizing in steel, plated steel, and even stainless steel 18-8 and 316. We are also able to supply you with Metric sizing required in steel, plated steel, and even stainless steel 18-8/A2 and 316/A4. Please use the filters available on the far left to find exactly what you’re looking for. If you have trouble locating it, please reach out. If the item is non-standard, we will be happy to provide you a custom quote.
  • Standard Sizing: thermal black oxide, zinc, mechanical zinc, stainless steel 18-8 and 316
  • Metric Class 8.8: thermal black oxide and zinc
  • Metric Class 12.9: thermal black oxide and zinc
  • Metric stainless steel in 18-8/A2 and 316/A4
  • Nylon patch and pellet options available!
  • Tamper Resistant standard socket head socket screws, stainless 18-8

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