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Fasteners Etc., Inc. offers a variety of screws in terms of sizes, drive styles, function, and material/finishes. In the simplest definition, a screw can be defined as having 2 sections. The top portion, or head, will allow the user to choose a tool that will turn the screw for fastening into material. Under the head, a screw will have a full or partially threaded shaft. At the end of the shaft, some screws will have a blunt end that requires the user to pre-drill a hole while most screws offer a pointed end that can go directly into material.

With so many available options, if you need help determining the best screw for your project, contact us today!

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If you’re looking for a dependable screw supplier near you, Fasteners Etc., Inc. is your answer! We offer a diverse assortment of fasteners and hardware to meet all your needs. With primary stores in Urbana, IL, and Bloomington, IL, we are strategically located to serve the state of Illinois and surrounding areas with speed. We are dedicated to providing Illinois with superior services and products. Visit one of our local stores for in-person assistance in determining the best screws for your project, or request a quote online today. Let Fasteners Etc., Inc. be your trusted screws supplier for all your hardware needs!
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