Total Inventory Efficiency Replenishment System

Having the supplies necessary to run your shop and business is vital. At Fasteners Etc, Inc. our Total Inventory Efficiency Replenishment System (TIERS) is designed to eliminate downtime locating the necessary supplies. We can provide onsite bin stocking, claen up, reorganization bar coding, and labeling designed to meet your specific needs. Empty bins means time wasted and frustration for the crew when work is halted. If you are busy worrying about locating supplies; the work isn't being done. Let Fasteners Etc, Inc. keep your bins stocked so you can stay focused on the job at hand.

Advantages to partnering with Fasteners Etc, Inc. for your bin stocking needs include:
Saved Time (time=money)
Clear, Concise Labeling reduces errors for incorrect usage on the job and reordering errors
Fast Service and Free Delivery
Reduce Inventory Loss and Shortages

Our experienced sales team will ensure a smooth transition from your previous supplier to our TIER System. Please call us for a free consultation to discuss the key elements for your bin stocking needs to determine the right fit for you!

A small business with once a month bin stocking needs, like a small maintenance garage.
Bin stocking needs are two to three times a month, like a union contractors’ shop.
Bin stocking needs are once or twice a week. We would handle special request items, as well as maintain multiple bin stock locations within your facility.
Daily bin stocking needs, such as a large OEM facility.