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Fasteners Etc., Inc. offers an extensive range of products for all your project needs; however, we realize that sometimes the perfect item just doesn’t exist….. yet.
Whether you’re in need of a custom bolt per print or maybe need a standard sized hex bolt plated with a non-standard anti-seize wax coating, we’re here to support you. When the standard option just won’t do, allow us to show you what the Fasteners Etc., Inc. Service department can help you accomplish today. Give us a call and allow us to support you!
  • Custom Kit or Packaging Services
  • Machine Shop Services- cutting, welding, and more!
  • Plating, Coating, and Painting Services
  • Importing Services
  • Stock and Release Program
  • Custom Manufacturing
  • VMI- Automated orders and shipping for all your stock needs
  • TIER Bin Stock Services- Available for local customers only
Please excuse us as we continue to expand the full offering of Service available with Fasteners Etc., Inc. If you need assistance with something not yet listed, please contact us today to inquire.

Click to Narrow Your Results