Square Head Set Screws

  • Square Head Set Screws

Square head set screws are a specialty type of set screws that offer a square shaped head set on top of a fully threaded shaft. The end of the threaded shaft offers different styles that are consistent with the set screw family of products, cup point or cone point for instance.

Just like the rest of the set screw family, square head set screws are installed into a pre-drilled hole tightening material by pressure from the tip of the set screw. The primary difference is that the square head doesn’t offer any drive, but rather allows installation with a wrench instead of a hex key.
Fasteners Etc. Inc. offers all the options of square head set screws, see below listing. If your project requires plating or coating, we would be happy to quote you a custom square head set screw per print. Reach out to us today for more information on any custom needs you might have!
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