Flat Washers (Stainless)

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Fasteners Etc., Inc. offers stainless steel flat washers in both USS and SAE standards as well as metric sizing, for all your project needs. Please use the filters on the far left to narrow down results for the exact item required. If you can’t locate it or need assistance, feel free to contact us as we’re here to help!
A flat washer is simply a circular piece of metal that is primarily used for load distribution in most applications. The bolt or screw will be inserted through the center of the flat washer so that it rests between the head of the bolt and the connecting material. Flat washer sizing is called out by the bolt size so if you are using a ½” diameter bolt, you will need a ½” diameter flat washer as well.
If your project doesn’t require a stainless steel, browse the low carbon steel flat washers or medium carbon steel flat washers.

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